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The many facets of Nelly Eguizaba

Nelly was born and raised in Guatemala, she has been a pinnacle part of our customer service team with eight years of experience under her belt, and having her on the team makes a world of difference. Her customers, teammates and supervisors all rave about her saying "Nelly brings a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to her calls and she treats the business as if it were her own.

She is a mother of four wonderful children and a devoted wife. Nelly is well versed in supporting women, which is why she decided to get as involved as possible by specializing in Social Work, and for the past eight years she has breaking down stereotypes and assumptions concerning gender bias. She has been raising awareness and securing the financial stability of indigenous women throughout the country ensuring they are able to qualify for financial support.

She states, "I hope that in the future, as a people, we will end discrimination and violence against women once and for all, and that the great contributions women make in today's world will be recognized."

We couldn't agree with you more Nelly! We #Choosetochallenge with you and we are happy to call you one of our own!

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