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Meeting Fernanda Campo

Fernanda is a culinary genius who has been trained in Italian cuisine and pastries. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up her signature dish lasagna, she enjoys the flexibility of having a professional and family life. She is a devoted mother of two daughters and her and her husband embody teamwork, as he has supported her dreams of cooking and getting her food out to the masses, especially within the company. One of her greatest accomplishments is getting her daughter through university and preparing her for the next stage in life.

She is one of our longest reigning customer service representatives with 11 years of experience and we are pleased that she has chosen us.

Fernanda mentions the importance of women supporting women and that together we can accomplish anything. She is firm in her beliefs and highlights Esther from the Bible as her example, and that their is power in unity and together we can executive a vision, mission and assignment. "Together women have managed to fight for important roles in society; the right to vote, opportunities to study and perform in the workplace and become leaders while being able to support their family. I am proud to be one of those women."

Indeed you are, Fernanda. You make us proud and we look forward to more of your scrumptious recipes!

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