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Let's get to know Yaqueline Gramajo!

Yaqueline Gramajo is known for helping others and loving animals, her two fur babies

Ellie and Cabu are the highlight of her life, as they provide support and companionship, especially during the last few months. We have seen that during the two years that she has been on the team. She is always contributing to the team's goals and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Yaqueline's message for female youth beginning or about to begin their career is to work hard and do what you believe is best for you. She states "I remember when I got my first job it was really hard because I had no experience. The first company I worked for didn't always recognize my work and I remember that when I resigned, I told them it was because I wanted to study and that I wanted to learn a second language and be able to improve my skills. My previous supervisor told me that learning a second language is not easy. You have to think about it because the time you reserve for studying can be wasted and you may not get a job in the future. I set my goals and now here I am, [24] gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities. They believed in me and I am grateful for that.

I would say to set your goals, remember that it will not always be easy, but if you have the skills and the will to do it, no one will stand in your way. It will happen."

She reminds us to set our goals, even if they are not easy, but to look for the skills to do what you want to do, and no one can stand in your way.

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