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Introducing Enma Hernandez

Our girl Enma was born in Guatemala City, to which she admits were "many moons ago". Enma attributes her most significant accomplishment to raising her children; she is a proud single mother of three sons whom she has seen grow into resilient, intelligent, and respectable, men. Enma's passions include journaling and photography; however, she admits that establishing new goals is key to her ongoing progress.

She describes how a few years ago she was experiencing severe economic hardship and her friend suggested the possibility of working in the BPO industry. She admits that she had never thought of the idea due to her English level, "I thought that I could never work in such a place." That same day without any expectations, she decided to schedule an interview with [24] for a position as a customer service representative.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find myself three years later feeling truly blessed with a job that has enabled me to provide my family with a better life, despite the pandemic. I am surrounded by great friends and colleagues who brighten each and every day."

Enma highlights the responsibility that womanhood carries, especially in this day and age. She acknowledges the responsibility many parents face with being the sole provider of the family, and needing to balance their personal and professional life, "it is not an easy feat, but it was the most important aspect of my being. Our responsibility as parents is to leave this world with a new generation of children who love one another and who can appreciate and care for the environment, wildlife and others. No milestone of mine compares to seeing my children being kind to someone in need. To me, I have succeeded in doing that."

Indeed you have Enma. You are an inspiration to many and we are truly grateful that you are part of the [24] family.

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