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Who is Leyla Ovalle?

She is a native to Guatemala City, a mother to a fifteen year old daughter and wife for over 16 years. She highlights that being a mother and wife are her greatest achievements and what inspire her to get up each day. Leyla stresses the importance of women being empowered to generate their own income and being financially stable to support their families. We have seen Leyla's commitment from the moment she was in training, she is soft-spoken yet her words carry so much meaning. She is a role model customer service representative and we value everything she brings to table.

We asked Leyla, "if you could go back and give your yourself advice, what would you say?" She states, "I would not stop studying, life is filled with constant change and it is important for us to stay on top of new technology. Continues education combined with technology increases your chances of having better opportunities."

We agree with you Leyla, continuing education whether it is formal or informal is everything. And the most powerful weapon in the world is an intelligent and independent woman.

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