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"When 1 teaches, 2 learn."

Part of being an effective facilitator is being able to put yourself in your learner's shoes. Unfortunately, most of us facilitators are terrible trainees. As facilitators, we want to be frontline and center, we are usually the first trainee in the room; questioning everything being taught while side talking.

I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best teams who learned English as a second language by listening to their favorite hits or watching endless marathons on the status of Rachel and Ross' relationship. And just so you know, they were on a break! However, traditional ways of learning in a stuffy lecture hall is a thing of the past. No more doodling on your desk or cutting study hall with your buddies cause your falling asleep.

Students can instead learn English everywhere and anywhere, whether it's simply listening to music, binge watching a series on Netflix or Youtubing for hours on end. English is all around; and thanks to the Virtual Age, replicating that artificial English environment is no longer limited to a classroom, giving many more students the opportunity to learn English at little to no additional cost.

Getting our learners to engage and brainstorm from the moment they arrive in our classrooms has been key to our success; from here, we can begin tailoring their skills and strengths to meet business goals. The majority of our trainees come from very supportive language learning centers and getting them to the next level is our specialty. We train hard, work hard and get results, and we look fabulous while doing it.

We are consistently researching new approaches and techniques to improve our classes while engaging with our learners. It is important for us to note that many successful educators learn not only from glossy textbooks pages and university degrees, but also from their students. Successful educators must breakdown the barrier between teacher and learner. The idea is that we learn together.

[24] has developed a process and system that gives trainees direct contact to our entire team via internal and external communication channels. We are in the people business, and meeting the expectations and needs of our learners is what truly matters. As a trainer, it is very gratifying to witness the trainees you only met a few months ago being capable of honing in on their language skills and achieving their personal and professional goals in such a short span of time; with a few tips and tricks, they are able to improve their calls; therefore, hit the jackpot.

Learning is not about being perfect, but rather recognizing that you can learn from anywhere and from anyone as long as you are willing. Creating a safe environment will allow trainees to feel comfortable and in turn ask those questions they may be reluctant to ask and possibly questions you may not yet have the answers to.

Rome wasn't built in a day. So if you're up for a challenge, we're looking for you. Come to [24] and meet with one of our recruiters to start your process. See you there!

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