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All about Tanya Arceo

Our girl Tanya is one of our new and promising customer service representatives with four months in the company and she is part of one of our new lines of business. She comes from our neighboring country of Belize which is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains and forests.

Tanya the editor, producer and director values knowledge and tries to absorb as much as she can in order to maker her a stronger asset. She is a "go getter" and confidently says she has accomplished mostly everything she has set out for; however, she acknowledges the struggle "has been real." One of her fondest memories is working for her local radio station in Belize where she got her first job and after her graduation, she was invited to host one of the largest international festivals in Belize for three consecutive nights. She acknowledges, "we often only view someone's success as what we see in their highlight reel but we don't know all the hardship they have gone through"; therefore, she has begun to study Journalism in order to get those untold stories out in the community.

We asked Tanya, "What is the best thing about being a woman?" She stated " We are able to give life to another human, that we can inspire and interact with the world with a sense of strength and faith to make a difference; that as young girls we dream, we love, we live."

Well said, Tanya. We look forward to seeing more of your creative side and getting those stories out into the world.

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