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About self love and the HUGE importance of it

Describing self love is easy: it is the love that you have for yourself. But actually living in a state of love for yourself seems to be the hard part, but why?


How do you see yourself? How do you talk to yourself? What do your feed your body with? Are you working towards your goals? Are you living your life in your own terms? How is your environment? Who do you hang out with? 


These are just a few questions to get you thinking about how much you are taking care of yourself. It turns out, many of us spend our days worried about work, financials, kids, family or partner, etc, and many times, this constant “worry” makes us live our life with a half full or an empty glass of love.  But this needs to STOP, anytime you are feeling worried, sad or just uncomfortable about yourself, think about the last time you met someone who was perfect…that´s right NEVER, because nobody is! 


February is the month of love, the month of friendship, so start with showing some love for yourself, wake up and give yourself a hug, some kind or encouraging words, eat some food that you love, that nourishes your body and soul, spend 5-10 min a day doing something you truly love, take care of your body, take a long bath, go for a walk, take a nap…. Take small but consistent steps towards improving all those things you can change, that will make you feel better and stronger. 


If you are working towards becoming the best version of yourself, here are a few things that need to stop ✋🏻

Do not compare your self to others, the only competition you have is YOU 

Stop self sabotaging, make a little progress everyday, baby steps will take you anywhere

Avoid bad habits that will damage your health, remember, if your body-mind-sould are not ok, nothing will be!


At least today, and every day, make sure your glass is full with great stuff, to be able to share some of that with others and keep shining 


Wishing you loads of love for yourself first, once you start with that you will notice that you will attract the people who appreciate you, the ones who love you, the ones who respect and grow next to you! YOU are your most important date today! 



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